A Prayer of Remembrance

God of all, whose commitment to the world knows no end, in this season of remembrance we turn to you our refuge and hope. We acknowledge that you are the source of all justice and peace.

Graciously draw near to us at this time to stir our thinking, deepen our reflections and shape our living.

We remember before you all who have given their lives in the service of others in war. In gratitude we honour those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. May their example of self-giving love be an inspiration to us all.

We hold in your presence those who continue to suffer because of war. Comfort and sustain all who bear the scars and tears of conflict. May we find the wisdom and grace to support one another in times of need.

We commend to your care His Majesty‚Äôs Armed Forces. Uphold and guide the men and women of the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force as they strive to be a force for good in our world.  May they be professional and effective in carrying out the tasks required of them.

We seek your peace for all people. Bless and strengthen those from every area of society who are endeavouring to bring an end to injustice, hostilities and conflict. In our peace-making, together may we find courage, resilience and hope.

These prayers are offered in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer by the Revd David Barrett, Deputy Chaplain General for the British Army