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News in the Hackney Methodist Circuit

Saturday 23rd September

From 2pm at Hackney Mare Street there will be a BBQ for Rev John Sakutombo who wishes to give thanks to God for all that people have done for him. You are welcome to attend this.

At 7pm Helen Cornick is hosting a Quiz on Zoom raising funds for the Fund for Human Need. Join Zoom meeting or dial by telephone 020 3051 2874 using Meeting ID: 919 5260 3118 followed by the hashtag twice (There is no passcode).

Video summary from the Circuit Service on 27th August 2023 when Rev Paulo was welcomed as the Superintendent Minister

Short summary from the Circuit Welcome Service for Rev Paulo Bessa Da Silva as Superintendent Minister

Many people from the circuit joined together to celebrate Rev Paulo becoming the Superintendent of the Hackney and Stoke Newington Circuit. There is a short video here made from some of the photos which were taken. Within the service, the congregation affirmed: ‘We give thanks to God for your ministry and receive you as our superintendent. We pray that God’s blessings will rest upon you.’

Members of staff and the Circuit Leadership Team and Staff were asked: ‘Will you as we serve together, put before us all, God’s inclusive care and love for reconciling all people unto Himself, working collaboratively at every available opportunity?

They responded: ‘We will. We ask God to help us, and we invite you all to join with us in being ambassadors, within the uniting and reconciling presence of God in this world.’

The congregation said: ‘May we hold and care for each other as we live harmoniously with contradictory convictions.’

We pray that God will continue to inspire, encourage and lead us all, and we give God the glory.

Circuit Service at Stoke Newington High Street – at 11am

The Circuit Service is being led by Rev Dr Jongi Zihle. We will welcome Rev Dr Paulo Bessa Da Silva as the Superintendent minister of the Hackney and Stoke Newington Circuit. Come and share this service with us. We hope to be able to show it on Zoom

Reception into Full Connexion of the Methodist Church in Great Britain

More than 40 from the Hackney and Stoke Newington Circuit joined at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel on Sunday 25th June for the Methodist Conference Sunday morning worship to celebrate when Rev Paulo was received into Full Connexion of the Methodist Church in Great Britain, along with 26 other ministers. 17 of these ministers went to Coventry Cathedral and Coventry Central Hall in the afternoon to be ordained as presbyter or deacon. We remember them all in our prayers, and pray especially for Rev Paulo as he continues to serve in this circuit – soon becoming the Superintendent minister.

Tickets for Methodist Conference/Coach

We have got tickets for the Sunday Worship at the Methodist Conference when Rev Paulo will be received into the Full Connexion of the Methodist Church in Great Britain. This is in Birmingham on Sunday 25th June. We have also booked a coach to leave Stoke Newington High Street at 6.30am and expected to return between 6 and 7pm on that day. We are asking for a donation of £20 to help to cover the cost of the coach. The circuit are subsidising the remaining cost of the coach. Please give the money to one of the ministers or to Helen Cornick (or a named person in your church) as soon as possible.

Hackney Half Marathon

Sunday 21st May is the Hackney Half Marathon which means that some roads are closed and this might make it more difficult to get to church. There will not be a service at Hackney Mare Street.

London District Ordinands Testimony Service

On Sunday 14th May at 6.30pm at Wesley’s Chapel, City Road, EC1Y 1AU, the ministers who are going to be ordained at the Methodist Conference in June, will be giving their testimonies. All are invited to support this worship. There will not be a meeting of the Methodist Women in Britain group at Dalston on Sunday evening.

GMF (Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship)

The Ghanaian Methodist Fellowship will meet at Hackney Mare Street between 1pm and 2pm on Sunday 7th May. All Ghanaian Methodists from the Hackney area are welcome to attend.

Easter Offering Dedication Service – Sunday 30th April 2023 – 11am at Stoke Newington High Street

Our Circuit Service on Sunday 30th April will focus on the theme ‘No Borders to God’s Love’ and will tell some stories from charities supported by the Methodist World Mission Fund. This service will be used around Great Britain and has been gifted to the church by Methodist Women in Britain. Come and join us.

We wish you a very happy Easter Season

We pray that you might experience the risen Christ during the coming days and weeks.