Video summary from the Circuit Service on 27th August 2023 when Rev Paulo was welcomed as the Superintendent Minister

Short summary from the Circuit Welcome Service for Rev Paulo Bessa Da Silva as Superintendent Minister

Many people from the circuit joined together to celebrate Rev Paulo becoming the Superintendent of the Hackney and Stoke Newington Circuit. There is a short video here made from some of the photos which were taken. Within the service, the congregation affirmed: ‘We give thanks to God for your ministry and receive you as our superintendent. We pray that God’s blessings will rest upon you.’

Members of staff and the Circuit Leadership Team and Staff were asked: ‘Will you as we serve together, put before us all, God’s inclusive care and love for reconciling all people unto Himself, working collaboratively at every available opportunity?

They responded: ‘We will. We ask God to help us, and we invite you all to join with us in being ambassadors, within the uniting and reconciling presence of God in this world.’

The congregation said: ‘May we hold and care for each other as we live harmoniously with contradictory convictions.’

We pray that God will continue to inspire, encourage and lead us all, and we give God the glory.